GSMK CryptoPhone® Modular offers a solution for the problem of how to counter widespread wiretapping by integrating custom-branded end-to-end voice and message encryption in large fleets of existing mobile devices.

GSMK CryptoPhone® Modular is a robust and highly scalable solution for secure, tap-proof mobile communications designed for easy integration in existing mobile devices as well as fast roll-outs across large corporate fleets of mobile devices. For the end user, it offers the best end-to-end encryption solution for voice and messaging that is independently verifiable, intuitive to use, and that can either be seamlessly integrated in existing products, or deployed across a wide range of smartphone platforms via mobile device management software. For the OEM or service provider, it offers a cross-platform solution for Android, iOS and Windows Phone-based smartphones that is adaptable to different business models and individual business processes. Responding to current developments, OEMs can easily integrate advanced, certified encryption technology in their existing mobile devices. Service providers can add value for their most valuable corporate customers with a custom-branded software solution available for all major smartphone platforms and operating systems.

In contrast to other mobile voice encryption products that require 3G or WiFi coverage, GSMK CryptoPhone® Modular guarantees reliable communication links even under poor network conditions. It works even in the roughest of environments and when using poor-quality 2G GSM GPRS networks in remote areas. With a solid track record earned in deployments by leading multi-national mobile network operators and OEMs, it combines field-proven technology in use in over 50 countries worldwide with a carrier-grade IP server infrastructure based on Erlang. Highly scalable provisioning and deployment systems allow fast, easy roll-outs across OS boundaries. If you are an OEM or mobile network operator wishing to offer its clients the best end-to-end encryption solution available on the market, contact us to discuss how GSMK CryptoPhone® Modular can help you meet your needs for a secure communications solution: